Yesterday We Lost A Great Actor and Man

Of course I never actually met this man, but I grew up watching him. I feel like I’ve lost a very close friend of the family.

I always had a unique event happen during my school years. They were the height of Rockford Files! With my maiden name being Garner, I was constantly asked “Oh, and I guess James Garner is your dad?”! To which I answered “Yes he is!”! Which was absolutely true! My dad’s name is James Garner! Of course not that James Garner but still… James Garner non the less!

Anyway here’s just a few pictures from some of the great works of James Garner.

James Garner


Rockford files
From Rockford Files
Murphy's Romance
Murphy’s Romance, love this cute movie!

James Garner more how I remember

If you would like to see more pictures you can always google him.

It’s weird to feel such sadness over someone I don’t actually know, but I do.


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