A Friendship Through Time!

Yesterday my sister Mitzi posted this birthday wish on her Facebook page…

mitzi's fb
Click picture to read!

It’s to her kindergarten friend Michelle! As she said on her FB post they have been friends for 44 years!

Me being the older sister I remember Mitzi telling us about her new friend at kindergarten. I also remember her 6th birthday and her being so excited about her party and her best friend getting to come! Of course Michelle was at every party after that too!

They were together through elementary school, middle school, junior & senior high schools! First boyfriends, were cheerleaders together, and were there for each other through all the ups and downs of high school!

They had their first children together (me a niece, Michelle a little boy a couple months later)! They even had their second child together… seven years later (this time a nephew for me and a girl for Michelle)! They stopped having kids together, my sister went on to have two more sweet nieces for me.

Now 44 years after first meeting, through the childhood  struggles that seemed so large, to the adult trials and tribulations they each had that were so large, that were made easier by being blessed with a true “Best Friend”!

True Best Friends Mitzi & Michelle! 

Love you both so much! Thanks Michelle for being my sister’s best friend!




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