The Celebrating for Mom and Cassidy!

This past Sunday we celebrated my niece Cassidy’s and my Mom’s birthdays! We celebrate birthdays on Sunday’s! Unless the little one’s have a party for their friends, then we all go to the party too!

Cassidy’s actual births was on Sunday but being a busy collage student with two jobs, it wasn’t a good day for her family celebration! No problem, she and granny shared!

As usual, being a grandchild, Cassidy choose grandpa burgers (description at link), grandpa’s green beans, and mom added Bob Evans mac and cheese to the menu. The rest of the menu they didn’t care!

After lunch presents were opened, cards were read! Cassidy’s first!




Cassidy chose a giant chocolate chip cookie and Mom a chocolate cake with white icing!



Of course all the kids had to help blow out the candles!


On another note…

Here’s a couple bonus shots of my great niece Finley &great nephew Easton, aren’t they adorable!



Thanks for indulging my bragging great aunt side!

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