Baby Deer Update!

If you have been following me since before August 16, 2014, you’ve seen updates about a baby deer born in our backyard sometime between July 14 – 16, 2014! Here are the other updates I’ve given during that time here, here and here!

If you don’t want to “click” down memory lane, here’s one of the first pictures of the cute little girl (which of course we didn’t know at that time) and her momma!

New fawn and Momma!
New fawn and Momma!

I haven’t given an update in a long time so without further ado…

Baby deer
Baby deer

I also have a short little video, but I can’t get it to work right. So, I’ll post it later, (keep your fingers crossed)!

As you can tell ( I hope) she’s gotten a lot bigger. That bunch of things that looks like branches sticking up out of the ground (there in the background). Are  actually the Forsythia bush in the two pictures below that are from the very first post “She Chose Our Yard!”

Forsythia bush in backyard! Do you see the brown spot under it?
Forsythia bush in backyard! You can’t see the brown spot under it can you?
New fawn's new spot!
Fawn’s new spot!

She can’t quite curl up under there like that any more! She can hide really good though. Her coloring makes great camouflage with all the winter foliage. So no plans of playing hide and seek with her…she’d be the sure winner!

We’re not sure about her Momma. What we’ve read, says that fawns will stay with their moms for as long as two years. This little girl will be 6 months around the 15th. We haven’t seen the mom in a few weeks. Of course she still could be sneaking in at night.

Any way, baby girl is doing fine. It’s snowing here now and she has a good warm “cubby” at the far corner of the yard (so hubby says).

So hope this tides you over until the next “Deer Update”. I’ll try not let it be so long between updates.

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