Project 365 // Days 1- 9

I haven’t actually posted my “goals” for this year’s post, but one of the items on it was to do a 365 day Photo Challenge this year.

If you’re not familiar with this photo challenge it’s just as it sounds. You take 365 photos not all in one day. That’s one photo every day of the year! I’ve never done this but Kaylah over at ‘The Dainty Squid‘ has documented an absolutely beautiful year of photos on her blog this past year and she has been an inspiration to me!

So, this year, every day I’m going to try and remember to take a photo. Maybe just some odd random photo, but still a photo every day! Then on Saturday, I’ll  share them here with you!

Well, here’s my first week (and then some)! Come on, who wants to join me?


Isn’t this exciting…bananas!


This is a large pickle jar sitting on my dresser. It’s full of petals from roses my husband has sent me over the years! Sappy, I know, right?


My infusion cup I got for Christmas! Those are blueberries in the middle compartment!

Binks, our visiting cat!
Binks, our visiting cat!
My daughter Audrey’s “Audrey” Hepburn boots!

I hope you enjoy following my 365 day journey with me! If you join me let me know!

I’ll get my “goal’s” list posted soon, I’ve got another “photo” themed challenge this year that I hope to meet!




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