Are you a New Year’s Resolution Maker?

I’m not normally, however, this year I thought blog goals would be smart! Then I threw in some goals for me and around the home too! We’ll see how I do!

2015-goals.png • 365 – photo project: Well, I’ve already posted my first “week” for this. So I explained it more here! Basiclly it is as it sounds, take a photo 365 days! That’s every day this year! I’ve never done one but have loved following Kalah’s at ‘The Dainty Squid’

• shoot 12 rolls of film: I know with all the fancy gadgets and gizmos 35mm film seems like antique equipment! But I’ve loved photography since my teen years (oh a hundred years ago, according to my teen daughter ;)!)! My work isn’t great or fancy, but I still love to do it! Sooo, I thought I’d try some film work this year! Just a roll a month (at least)! We’ll see how it goes (I may add a goal for some instant film too)!

• photo booth a month for blog monthly review post: this may be harder for me to do than I’m thinking! I’m a huge homebody, have asthma and severe migraines at times! I’m only tell you that because this goal requires once a month going INTO a mall and using a photo booth. Winter makes my asthma worse. The heat of summer triggers a migraine

• check free local events, weekly: I’m thinking this is probably self explanatory! We have a lot of great events going on around Cincinnati all year long and many free! I want to make sure I see them in enough time to make plans to attend them!

• continue to declutter: a nonstop ordeal when you’ve lived in your home for 21 years it seems! I started a deep declutter last year, so I want to continue this year!

• increase amount of local produce used: if we don’t get moved and garden started, plant in pots go to Findley Market and local farmers markets. Find local eggs!

• start personal herb garden and maintain: fresh herbs are too expensive to buy. Want to start growing fresh herbs, even if it’s in a window sill!

• get ready to move: we have plans to move to the other side of town, closer to my family. I’d like to be ready when God puts the house, that’s suppose to be ours, up for sale!

• continue to lose weight: many years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroid causing weight gain. I battled getting weight off. Then the past year I’ve done very well getting into better heath which included losing weight! So that part of my life should be continuing!

• mail 12 post cards snail mail: I love getting mail! Not bills or junk mail, you know real mail! So I think this will be fun! If you’d really like to trade post cards with me end me an email!

• 12 random acts of kindness locally: that’s 1 a month at least! I’m sure I can find more than 1 a month!

You may think my list is small, long, ridiculous or fantastic! I may add to it as the year goes on! Any way I hope you have a wonderful year.



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