Project 365 // Days 17 – 23

I continue on with my 365 day Photo Challenge! Have you started? It’s never too late you know! Just pick up your camera or phone and start snapping pics!

Post them somewhere, then come tell me so I can enjoy them too!

17:365 – An aerial view of my parent’s cat Zoey. She’s snoozing on my Dad’s chair!
wpid-20150118_040415.jpg 18:365 – tiny purple turtleswpid-20150117_155200.jpg 19:365 wpid-20150121_163825.jpg

20:365 – reflectionwpid-20150121_164122.jpg

21:365 – 6 month “Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon” fan?wpid-20150122_094301.jpg

22:365 – An apple a day…


23:365 – A spinny &  swings


Hope you are enjoying your 2015! Pick up your camera and join me!




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