Day 6: Thirty Days of Thanks

I’m going to list something I’m thankful for each day of November. (I’m caught up now)

Why don’t you join me by making you’re own list, or listing yours here with me in my comments!

30 Days of Thanks! I’m very thankful for…

  • Nov. 1st: My husband Rudy 💜!
  • Nov. 2nd: My daughter Audrey 💜!
  • Nov. 3rd: My Lord and Savior!
  • Nov. 4th: Loving , Christian parents 💜!
  • Nov. 5th: My loving little sister Mitzi 💜!
  • Nov. 6th: My loving little brother Tony 💜!  I was a little over 7½ years old when my little brother was born! Mitzi was 18 months. I was once again excited to be a big sister and tell everyone the news! Now I had one of each, a sister and a brother! Tony stormed into our lives with an adventurous spirit. He has been a blessing everyday of his life! Now a husband and Dad of one! Love you big bunches Tony 💜!
My "little" brother Tony!
My “little” brother Tony!

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