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I Guess It Was a False Alarm!


As you  may have read on my January 12, 2016 post where I apologized for being gone, explained happenings in my life and said I was going to start blogging again! False alarm!

Here I am just now starting to talk with you again. Another apology, and that’s it!

Looking forward to talking to you again.

An Apology With Explanations – But No Excuses


I’m sorry for being gone so long!

I am going to start blogging again, but I needed to discuss some things first. I didn’t necessarily want to “stop” blogging last year when I did. I wish I could say I was off training for a pentathalon for charity, or finishing credits for my doctorate, anything but the truth.

As you can tell, my last few posts were my family birthday wishes etc. Nothing substantial.

Now I’m not searching for a “pitty party” as some may think. I just want you to know where my heart and mind has been, which wasn’t on blogging. Far from it!

Well, at the end of May, one of my uncles died. A week and a half later I lost another one. Then to continue my little trip down “depression lane” over the next month, two high school friends suddenly died.

To add to my weak mental state, my living situation is stressed. We are wanting to move closer to my family. My husband is at home with our pets and working on our house, I’m watching my great niece and great nephew every day 45 mins away so I’m at my parents house (and for other reasons). Also Audrey started working on the east side of town in July. We do see each other at least once a month (more during birthday celebration months) and we did through the holidays.

I mention these things because if you are married you know how much you rely on your spouse during stressful situations. Well, I had my husband’s full support and spoke with him constantly on the phone, but that’s just not the same.

It wore on me. It still does but I’m less sad. I feel like talking to you all again.

If any of you are needing someone to talk to please feel free to talk with me.



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