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Happy Birthday to My Husband Rudy!


Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby Rudy! I love you more today than the day we married. You love me just the way I am. Through my weirdness and flaws. You “get” me!

We have been through some fierce trials. Our Lord blessed us through them all.

Thanks sweetheart, love you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Me & my hubby Rudy!


I’m So Thankful!


I have so many blessings that I’m thankful for. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for me. Do you know Him? I’m also so very thankful for my wonderful husband, daughter, mom, dad, sister & her family, brother & his family, my nieces, nehews, great nieces & great nephews.. My aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, online friends, blogging friends, a roof over my head, food to eat and my list could go on and on!How about you? What are you thankful for?Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your day is blessed!Photobucket

Day 2 – Thirty Days of Thanks!

I’m going to list something I’m thankful for each day of November.Why don’t you join me by making you’re own list, or listing yours here with me in my comments!

30 Days of Thanks! I’m very thankful for…

  • Nov. 1st: My husband Rudy 💜!
  • Nov. 2nd: My daughter Audrey 💜!

        She’s 19 years old and has an apartment with her best friend! I miss her terribly, but know this is part of growing up. I am very proud of the young woman she is today. Love you soo much 💜! 

        Happy Birthday to My Little Brother!


        Today is my ‘little brother’ Tony’s birthday! He’s the baby of the three of us kids! I’m almost seven years older than him and I’m very proud of the man he has grown up to be! I love you so very much Tony!

        Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your beautiful wife and daughter!



        My Great Nephew is One!

        Easton at his first Cincinnati Reds game!

        Today is my great nephew Easton’s first birthday! He is such a sweet, happy and loving “little” boy (he’s not so little)! He is a joy and blessing to me and his whole family!

        Oh, he’s a great little brother to Finley too!

        Tammy loves you BIG BUNCHES, “my little man”!

        Isn’t he the cutest?