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Yesterday We Lost A Great Actor and Man

Of course I never actually met this man, but I grew up watching him. I feel like I’ve lost a very close friend of the family.

I always had a unique event happen during my school years. They were the height of Rockford Files! With my maiden name being Garner, I was constantly asked “Oh, and I guess James Garner is your dad?”! To which I answered “Yes he is!”! Which was absolutely true! My dad’s name is James Garner! Of course not that James Garner but still… James Garner non the less!

Anyway here’s just a few pictures from some of the great works of James Garner.

James Garner


Rockford files
From Rockford Files
Murphy's Romance
Murphy’s Romance, love this cute movie!

James Garner more how I remember

If you would like to see more pictures you can always google him.

It’s weird to feel such sadness over someone I don’t actually know, but I do.



Fur-Nephew Sitting, Shark Themed Nursery & a Little Girls Room

While my niece was in the hospital having Easton,  Audrey & I were at their house fur-nephew sitting!

Cowboy so cute and he thinks he’s a lap dog,

Cowboy with Audrey
Cowboy with Audrey’s hands!

Harry,  and

Harry in Finley's carseat!
Harry in Finley’s car seat!

Lloyd! Harry and Lloyd are brother Main Coon cats and are quite big and adorable!

Lloyd staring!
Lloyd staring!

I also took pictures of the new nursery which is in a shark theme! Very awesome theme for a little boy!

Easton shark
Wooden shark & name above his crib!
shark rocker
His sharks on the glider!
Round Easton
A cute banner about his closet!
Easton's mirror
Hi adorable nautical mirror!

Of course I had to snap some shots of Finley’s whimsical girls room!

Finleys tipi
Her tipi full of toys!
Finleys name wall
Cute animal pics and name above her bed!
Finleys giraffe wall
Another cute wall!
Finleys duck wall
Her room is two shades of purple! Here’s her duck painting at the head of her bed!

Laugh, Go Ahead and Laugh!

Rudy and Audrey do!

Well they also help me, but mainly they laugh. Oh, and you may think this is TMI, but it is to funny not to share!

For all but one day of the last week, I have woke up with a terrible muscle spasm in my right gluteus maximus, you know right here…

gluteus maximus
gluteus maximus (you know your bottom)

I get out of bed, head to the bathroom and before I leave that room it starts. It’s like a huge Charley Horse and painful!

I hobble across the hall with the audience  of a giggling daughter and a smirking husband. Slowly make it back to the bed where Rudy presses on it with his fist to break up the clenched muscle and eventually I’m fine.

The pain is excruciating, but after it’s over, the thought of the visual is hysterical. I have no idea how I pulled “that” muscle but it is getting better.

So picture that in your mind, then go ahead and laugh :)! It didn’t happen this morning so maybe I’m done! (Well, I’m done, I just hope my gluteus maximus is!)