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Day 13: Thirty Days of Thanks

I’m going to list something I’m thankful for each day of November.

Why don’t you join me by making you’re own list, or listing yours here with me in my comments!

30 Days of Thanks! I’m very thankful for…

  • Nov. 1st: My husband Rudy 💜!
  • Nov. 2nd: My daughter Audrey 💜!
  • Nov. 3rd: My Lord and Savior!
  • Nov. 4th: Loving , Christian parents 💜!
  • Nov. 5th: My loving little sister Mitzi 💜!
  • Nov. 6th: My loving little brother Tony 💜!
  • Nov. 7th: My Grandparents!
  • Nov. 8th: My Brother and Sister-in-law 💜!
  • Nov. 9th:  My nieces and nephews 💜!
  • Nov. 10th: My great-nieces and great-nephews 💜!
  • Nov. 11th: All of my Aunts and Uncles!
  •  Nov, 12th: All of my cousins!
  • Nov, 13th: Our pets! Since Rudy and I have been together we have had 12 dogs and cats and I brought a bird into the mix. At our largest group at one time we had four dogs and four cats (and our daughter wanted a “pet”). We are now down to two cats Patch and Binks. We would like to get another dog, but that is on hold until we get moved (here someday I hope). It’s hard being without a dog, we never have been since we’ve started dating in 1988. Anyway, i can’t image my life with pets, especially dogs and cats.

How many, and what kind, of pets do you have?



I have so many blessings that I’m thankful for. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for me. Do you know Him? I’m also so very thankful for my wonderful husband Rudy, my amazing daughter Audrey, our pets, my Mom & Dad, Mitzi & Mark, Tony & Bridget, all of my nieces and nephews and my great-nieces and nephews. My aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, online friends, blogging friends, a roof over my head, food on my tablend my list could go on and on!

How about you?

I Am Heart Broken

Eleven years ago a tiny black stray kitten joined our family! We found him next door to our church at the time! Audrey had asked a couple of times if we could take him home. On this specific day Rudy brought him inside to me and said “Don’t sit him down, he’s going with us!”

We were all excited, but especially Audrey! She held him most of the 40 min. ride home! With a discussion on a names minimal, Audrey came up with “Oliver” it seems appropriate! So with that, Oliver became our next fur baby!

Once home our four dogs and two cats had to get use to the new little family member! Within just a couple days they all loved the him! Oliver was right at home!

During the years since, our fur baby numbers have fluctuated. A year later we added another stray kitten, Patch. We’ve lost many during those eleven years too! Each one breaking our hearts. We never completely get over that loss but the sharp edges seem to dull just a little. At least until it happens again!

After countless joy, 1000’s of adorable pictures, one being a 4 or 5 year old Audrey pushing Oliver around in her baby stroller, many laughs and hugs. Oliver our sweet little “baby” has died. 

I couldn’t bring myself to talk before now, and even now it’s really unbearable but therapeutic!

Over the past few years Oliver has been in and out of the veterinary hospital with bladder and urinary tract problems. He has always done very well to treatments after just a few days and came home fine ready to go. This past Monday Rudy took Oliver to the vet, thinking it was just another reoccurrence. Wrong Tuesday afternoon after talking with the doctor, Rudy calls me at my parents with the horrible news.

Oliver’s kidney’s were failing and his temp. was low. He wasn’t going to live long. Instantly in tears I have to now go tell Audrey that her “baby” was dieing. Never something you want to tell someone, but especially not your dear sweet daughter.

She wanted to leave immediately to go see him and say our goodbyes. We went home to get Rudy and then on to the vets.

I can’t and won’t go into the details of our last time with Oliver. To hard to talk about and to precious to share. And now since Tues. afternoon Rudy, Audrey and I have been crying and remembering our little Oliver!

If you have ever had pets that are actually members of your family you know the great loss that is felt.

Thanks for letting me share mybroken heart! I didn’t want to ever make any of my readers sad, but I had to share to help my heart!

I would appreciate your prayers of comfort, Thank you! God bless!

View from Britainy’s porch!

Audrey and I have been “four- legged” great nephew sitting this week while my niece and her family are on vacation! (I’ll post some more pictures later but…) I wanted to share the view from her front door!

View from Britainy’s front porch!

Love it! The perfect neighbor!

In and/or On

If you have a cat you know how they can get into the smallest of boxes and love to lay on anything (even the smallest pieces of paper). Well for those of you who don’t have cats, here is just a
few pictures of our cats in and/or on things!
Oliver in a “box cave”,
In a box cave
on the car,
oliver on a car
on an arm pillow,
Oliver on an arm for a pillow
on his own back,
oliver on his own back
in a flower pot,
in a flower pot
and on the porch wall!
Oliver on the porch
Patch in a bowl,
patch bowl
in a gift bag,
patch in a gift bag
on a sleeping Rudy’s side,
on a sleeping side
on a relaxing Audrey’s bottom,
patch on a bottom
on a stack of blankets,
patch on a stack of blankets
and in a tiny box!
patch tiny bowl
Aren’t cats so cute, crazy and lovable!