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August in Review!

August was wonderful! I can’t believe it’s over! Here’s a little glimpse at August!

My niece Britainy turned 29!
My niece Britainy turned 29! 
Robin Williams Collage
Another Post About Another Loss! 
The Celebrating!
The Celebrating!  
Baby deer comparison!
Baby deer comparison! 
View From Britain’s Porch!  
I love you mom & dad
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  

I’m looking forward to a great September! Hope your September is wonderful!




A Quick Deer Update!

The top photo shows one of the first pictures of the baby deer born in our yard! The bottom one was taken yesterday afternoon! As you can see, the baby is getting bigger, and running all over the yard!

Baby deer comparison!
Baby deer comparison!

If you missed the first story or other updates you can find them here, here and here!

Another Deer Family Update

litte fawn
Here the little fawn darting around the yard!
Curious little one!
Curious little one!
Still curious!
Still curious!
Mom grazing but still watchful!
Mom grazing but still watchful!
Time to "eat"!
Time to “eat”!
Out for an adventure together!
Out for an adventure together!

Here they came all the way up into the driveway! The little fawn was mesmerized by it’s reflection!

"Hey mom I can see myself"
“Hey mom I can see myself”

Thanks for tolerating my deer family updates :)! Original post here & first update here!

Forgot Two…

I forgot two pictures I wanted to post with my “The Celebrating” post from yesterday!

Finley in her "bucket" hat!
Finley in her “bucket” hat!
Even deer's visit at my Mom & Dad's :)
Even deer’s visit at my Mom & Dad’s 🙂

Hope your day is going great!

Deer Family Update

Here’s a photo update on our momma and baby living in our backyard. If you missed my “birth announcement” you can see it here ;)!

Here the momma is right at the base of our porch steps eating her evening meal before turning in for the night. The fawn is under a bush farther to the top of this picture!

Doe near stairs to driveway!
Doe near stairs to driveway!
Fencing on left if the fencing in first photo!
Fencing on left is the fencing in first photo! The rail on bottom right is porch stairs!

Doe close to house

Doe close to house 2

The next morning both the momma and baby were out roaming around. The mom eating and the baby drinking. Where the fawn is feeding is about 100 feet from where they usually sleep. So momma takes the fawn out exploring around the yard a couple times a day.

fawn feeding 2
Fawn feeding!
fawn feeding 1
Another one just because it’s so cute!