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I Am Blessed!

In  February of 1988 I started dating my husband Rudy! We worked at the same place and had become good friends. Playing ping pong at lunch, him sneaking notes into my coat pockets (the coast rack was outside my office in the main hall from the lab). The progression to dating was inevitable. 

April 1988

I know God brought us together. He knew what each of us needed! We eloped on Saturday, September 21, 1991! That’s right 23 years ago today! Thank you Lord!

We’ve seen our ups & downs, we’ve laugh & cried together.


We were blessed with the joy of our daughter Audrey on April 11, 1997!


I love him more each day! He understands me and my odd quirks and loves me anyway! We are the same amount of “weird”, hehe! As one of my 6 year old niece’s said in her loving way ” You guys are Mr. and  Mrs. Weird”!

So after all this time he’s still here right with me! Thank you Rudy, I love you big bunches!

With Rudy


Thanks for sharing our anniversary with me and Rudy! God bless!

(On a side note… look at my HUGE glasses, wow!) 


Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

I love you mom & dad


Today is my Mom and Dad’s 57 Anniversary! Of course I think they are the very best! But, it’s true, growing up all my friends and the friends of my sister and brother all loved to be at our house and called our parent’s “Mom & Dad”! All of my niece’s and my nephew’s friends call them ” Granny & Grandpa “!

So I don’t think all those people could be wrong ;)!