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In and/or On

If you have a cat you know how they can get into the smallest of boxes and love to lay on anything (even the smallest pieces of paper). Well for those of you who don’t have cats, here is just a
few pictures of our cats in and/or on things!
Oliver in a “box cave”,
In a box cave
on the car,
oliver on a car
on an arm pillow,
Oliver on an arm for a pillow
on his own back,
oliver on his own back
in a flower pot,
in a flower pot
and on the porch wall!
Oliver on the porch
Patch in a bowl,
patch bowl
in a gift bag,
patch in a gift bag
on a sleeping Rudy’s side,
on a sleeping side
on a relaxing Audrey’s bottom,
patch on a bottom
on a stack of blankets,
patch on a stack of blankets
and in a tiny box!
patch tiny bowl
Aren’t cats so cute, crazy and lovable!