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Happy Birthday to My Husband Rudy!


Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby Rudy! I love you more today than the day we married. You love me just the way I am. Through my weirdness and flaws. You “get” me!

We have been through some fierce trials. Our Lord blessed us through them all.

Thanks sweetheart, love you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Me & my hubby Rudy!



Happy 4th of July!



~Author Unknown

In the year of 1776

That paper was decreed –

They were tired of oppression

And wanted to be freed

They wrote a Declaration

So the whole world would see –

This was, “the home of the brave

And the land of the free”

They signed that piece of parchment

The leaders of this land –

Knowing, divided they would fall

But, together they could stand

A new world lay before them

Untamed from shore to shore –

They swore the would protect it

If it meant going to war

Battles have been fought –

And many lives have been lost –

So sad something so basic

Has such a high, high cost

‘Seems freedom is a luxury

There’s some would bind us all –

Like then, together, we can stand

But divided, we will fall

More than two hundred years

Have past by since that day

That each of us celebrate

In our own different way

We should be proud and thankful

Pay our share of the cost –

Not take freedom for granted

For it easily could be lost



Enjoy Your Freedom
and God Bless Our Troops


A very special thanks to my dear husband Rudy for his service in the Navy, my uncles Joe, Hubert, Arnold, Curtis and Estes (whom I never met because he gave his life on Tuesday, July 25, 1944. Buried during WWII in Normandy American Cemetery; Colleville-sur-Mer, France). Special thanks also to my brother-in-law Jeffrey, my nephew Keith, and to all my cousins who have served.

A special thanks to every man and woman who has ever put on a uniform to protect our freedom and our wonderful nation


In God We Trust
Pray for America!

To My Daddy and My Daughters Daddy!


What Makes a Dad 
God took the strength of a mountain, 
The majesty of a tree, 
The warmth of a summer sun, 
The calm of a quiet sea, 
The generous soul of nature, 
The comforting arm of night, 
The wisdom of the ages, 
The power of the eagle’s flight, 
The joy of a morning in spring, 
The faith of a mustard seed, 
The patience of eternity, 
The depth of a family need, 
Then God combined these qualities, 
When there was nothing more to add, 
He knew His masterpiece was complete, 
And so, He called it … Dad
Author Unknown

~ 💜~

Thanks Dad for all you do, and all you’ve taught me! I love you so much!


Thanks Rudy for being a great Dad to our daughter!

I love you more each day!

Rudy with our then new great-nephew Easton!
Rudy with our then new great-nephew Easton!

Project 365 // Days 31 – 37 (Saturday February 7)

I continue on with my 365 day Photo Challenge! This post normally should have been posted on Saturday, February 7th. I’ll get the 365 posts for the 14th & the 21st later today or tomorrow!

Have you started your Project 365? It’s never too late you know! Just pick up your camera or phone and start snapping pics!

Post them somewhere, then come tell me so I can enjoy them too!

31:365 – This picture is on my Mom and Dad’s fridge, in a big plastic bag! My 7 y/o niece drew it, do you know what it is? It’s a picture of a wonderful children’s book and television series… “Berenstain Bears“!


32:365 – If you’ve follow my blog and have seen some of my other Project 365 photos, you’ve noticed some from my wait at the bus for my nieces return from school! Well on this day though, it broke down right near her bus stop!


33:365 – My  niece Britainy’s Supper Bowl Party’s ” food table” wall!


34:365 – “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” car :)!

zombie outbreak unit

35:365 – One of my niece’s four-legged children, Cowboy!


36:365 – Daddy trying to aggrevate his daughter when Audrey & I ran home a couple of weeks ago!


37:365 – My niece and great-nephew snoozing at Granny &  Grandpa’s! (Look at those adorable faces)


Hope you are enjoying your 2015! Pick up your camera and join me!



Happy Birthday to my Sweet Hubby!


Happy birthday sweetheart! Thanks for always being there for me (& Audrey). We have been through our fair share of trials and tribulations, God IS good!I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day!

Rudy with new great-nephew Easton!
Rudy with new great-nephew Easton!

I love you more each day!