Happy Birthday to My Little Brother!


Today is my ‘little brother’ Tony’s birthday! He’s the baby of the three of us kids! I’m almost seven years older than him and I’m very proud of the man he has grown up to be! I love you so very much Tony!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your beautiful wife and daughter!



The Loss of a Legend

On the 10th we lost an iconic singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter and actor, David Bowie!


I have “loved” David Bowie my whole life it seems. My daughter an I both cried when she came into the room and told me the news. We discussed how weird it was that a man can make such an impact on our lives yet we didn’t actually  know him.

I can’t imagine the music world without him. Or movie land with out Jareth, the king of the goblins.

Prayers for his wife of 24 years, Iman, his two children, his family,  friends and fans.

If you haven’t listened to him, sit down and try it. You’ll be amazed. He’s music is so diverse you will find something you like.

David Bowie Discography

David Bowie Filmography


An Apology With Explanations – But No Excuses


I’m sorry for being gone so long!

I am going to start blogging again, but I needed to discuss some things first. I didn’t necessarily want to “stop” blogging last year when I did. I wish I could say I was off training for a pentathalon for charity, or finishing credits for my doctorate, anything but the truth.

As you can tell, my last few posts were my family birthday wishes etc. Nothing substantial.

Now I’m not searching for a “pitty party” as some may think. I just want you to know where my heart and mind has been, which wasn’t on blogging. Far from it!

Well, at the end of May, one of my uncles died. A week and a half later I lost another one. Then to continue my little trip down “depression lane” over the next month, two high school friends suddenly died.

To add to my weak mental state, my living situation is stressed. We are wanting to move closer to my family. My husband is at home with our pets and working on our house, I’m watching my great niece and great nephew every day 45 mins away so I’m at my parents house (and for other reasons). Also Audrey started working on the east side of town in July. We do see each other at least once a month (more during birthday celebration months) and we did through the holidays.

I mention these things because if you are married you know how much you rely on your spouse during stressful situations. Well, I had my husband’s full support and spoke with him constantly on the phone, but that’s just not the same.

It wore on me. It still does but I’m less sad. I feel like talking to you all again.

If any of you are needing someone to talk to please feel free to talk with me.


My Great Nephew is One!

Easton at his first Cincinnati Reds game!

Today is my great nephew Easton’s first birthday! He is such a sweet, happy and loving “little” boy (he’s not so little)! He is a joy and blessing to me and his whole family!

Oh, he’s a great little brother to Finley too!

Tammy loves you BIG BUNCHES, “my little man”!

Isn’t he the cutest?

Happy 4th of July!



~Author Unknown

In the year of 1776

That paper was decreed –

They were tired of oppression

And wanted to be freed

They wrote a Declaration

So the whole world would see –

This was, “the home of the brave

And the land of the free”

They signed that piece of parchment

The leaders of this land –

Knowing, divided they would fall

But, together they could stand

A new world lay before them

Untamed from shore to shore –

They swore the would protect it

If it meant going to war

Battles have been fought –

And many lives have been lost –

So sad something so basic

Has such a high, high cost

‘Seems freedom is a luxury

There’s some would bind us all –

Like then, together, we can stand

But divided, we will fall

More than two hundred years

Have past by since that day

That each of us celebrate

In our own different way

We should be proud and thankful

Pay our share of the cost –

Not take freedom for granted

For it easily could be lost



Enjoy Your Freedom
and God Bless Our Troops


A very special thanks to my dear husband Rudy for his service in the Navy, my uncles Joe, Hubert, Arnold, Curtis and Estes (whom I never met because he gave his life on Tuesday, July 25, 1944. Buried during WWII in Normandy American Cemetery; Colleville-sur-Mer, France). Special thanks also to my brother-in-law Jeffrey, my nephew Keith, and to all my cousins who have served.

A special thanks to every man and woman who has ever put on a uniform to protect our freedom and our wonderful nation


In God We Trust
Pray for America!

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